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Laser vision correction is an elective procedure. An individual may choose to have the procedure in the following circumstances:

  • Their dependence on glasses and contact lenses negatively impacts their quality of life.
  • They understand the likely benefits and accept the risks of the procedure.


Glasses and contact lenses can be particularly inconvenient for certain activities, occupations, or lifestyles. The following patients may be particularly good candidates for laser vision correction:

  • Patients with glasses who play a sport or jog.
  • Parents of young children who desire reliable vision without glasses or contacts.
  • Tradespeople with glasses who wear eye protection.
    Tradespeople with contact lenses who live or work in dusty, dry environments.
  • Patients who wear contact lenses and experience eye irritation.
  • Patients who have worn contact lenses excessively and developed an infection in the cornea.
  • Patients who wear contact lenses and experience eye discomfort.

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