Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Melbourne | Cost of LASIK

The cost of laser eye surgery is highly dependent on the surgeon’s training and experience and type of procedure selected. New technology allows better treatment and improved patient outcomes. Dr. Ben Connell values access to state-of-the-art technology and only offers his patients the most modern technology available. Although some higher level private health insurance policies do cover laser eye surgery with no out of pocket expense, most don't. 

In comparison, for most non laser vision correction procedures, a considerable proportion of the cost is covered by Medicare and private health insurance.  For example, a patient having laser cataract surgery more then 80-90% of the cost is covered by insurance and Medicare.  Patients receive a written quote prior to booking the procedure to ensure they are fully informed. 

Dr. Connell is here to guide patients through the many options in selecting the most cost effective method to improve vision. Dr. Connell will present the different treatment options in an objective and unbiased manner to facilitate this decision for the patient. 

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